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I love having choices. But sometimes choosing can be difficult, especially when there are a ton of options. It once took me 2 weeks to decide to pick out a paint color, an additional 2 hours staring at the paint chips at the store, and another 2 days to decide I didn’t like the color I picked out. The unopened can still takes up space in my closet.

Had I thought about it at the time, I should have taken a picture of the room and uploaded it into one of the interactive video programs that lets you see what your room will look like with different paint colors. Doing this would have alleviated the headache I endured during those weeks of trying to find the perfect color. Hindsight really is 20/20.

interactive-video-playerAn interactive video could have saved me a ton of time and anxiety over paint color. It also would have given me options and choices for how I interacted with the brand. This must be why 90% of users claim that watching a video is helpful in the decision buying process. It’s amazing how advertisements and promotions have almost become video game-esque by giving users control of outcomes or options for how the video will end. They even extend the conversation to users elsewhere by way of mobie app, direct website access or email.

I watched a non-interactive video online about a ski coat that I had my eye on. I didn’t get to choose my ending or link to their social media page but I did learn more about it than just reading the specs and I did decide to buy it, now I’m just waiting for snow to hit the east so I can wear it after a full-season of mild weather. And no, virtual interactive video skiing does not count as a satisfactory way to pass the time away. It’s just not the same.

Sorry, I digress, where were we? Oh yea, videos; online videos, interactive videos, videos on your smartphone, tablet, computer, watch...the list goes on and on. Most of us don’t leave the house without a device that can instantly pull up a video for us to watch. Whether it be a cute kitty video or a how-to video, we are drawn to what we can see and what makes us feel. Turn those videos into a platform for chosen interaction and involvement and the feelings and emotions are enhanced tenfold.

If you want to know more about how to get your brand into an interactive video, contact us today.