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Maximize Your Digital Spend


JMC Brands introduces the AdApted Digital Media Platform™, a better way to buy digital media - with ongoing support from a dedicated world-class service team.

A 3-part platform that offers a suite of digital media tactics, delivered through our full-service trading desk, at an all-inclusive media rate, with transparent client dashboard reporting.

We build better campaigns because we’ve built better tools!


Choose ad unit options for your campaign like video, display, or film strip from our ad suite collection.

3+1 Trading Desk™

A digital media trading desk, that aggregates 3rd party & 1st party inventory to access the strongest targeted network possible.


An enterprise landing page solution to generate multiple landing pages with ease, while maintaining brand integrity at local levels.

EZDash Reports™

Transparency is the standard, not an up-sell, with our real-time reporting dashboard that compiles multi-channel campaign data.

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