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QR Codes Part 2: Why would I use it?

If you are reading this article first and you don’t really know what a QR code is, I would recommend that you take a step backwards and read QR Codes Part 1 first so we are all on the same page. If you already know about QR codes, let’s take the next step into this digital realm and start identifying why you would use a QR code.


After learning what a QR code is, you may still be asking the “why” question. That is not unreasonable. Let me tell you that most people when they come across a QR still ask the question “why should I scan this?” There is a lot of intrigue because you cannot decipher with your eyes where this magic code is going to take your phone. At the same time, if you are anything like me, you might even be a little wary about doing so. The reason, I have had my phone crashed too many times by these lovely little codes! Why did my phone crash you may ask? Well, let me share with you one of the biggest misconceptions about QR codes, and how that affects your decision on why to use (or not to use) a QR code in your advertising and material production.

One of the Biggest QR MisconceptionsHand holding phone

Simply put, a lot of people out there think that putting a QR code on anything and everything and linking it to their full size web-site is okay. It’s not. There are some sites out there that may be okay to link a mobile device to; however, if you have a lot of images, videos, FLASH, or other media rich elements that aren’t optimized for mobile devices you are likely to make your potential (or current) customers very angry! Again, you may ask the question “why”…It’s simple, “little devices don’t like big web-sites crushing them!”

A lot of devices (mainly the Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches) cannot play flash, so to start right there, if you have flash on your site, going mobile is not going to be as simple as implementing a QR code. Secondly, mobile devices, although touted as such, are not just mini computers. In this day and age, some people are limited by their phone capabilities, some by their carrier with data restrictions or extra fees for overage, and some are limited by their understanding of mobile technology. What does this all mean for you implementing QR codes? It means that you need to have a site that will not crash the phone trying to access it!

So why use QR?

It’s simple. QR Codes are the easiest way to get your customers to your digital content without using a URL. So, if you want to deliver digital content to mobile devices then a QR code is likely a great choice for your organization. As long as you don’t crash your customers phone in the process! (Are you starting to see a theme??)