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Interactive video reduces bounce rate! We could literally end this post right here, because that's a good enough reason to use it. But let me try to provide some legitimate advice on how to get more interaction with your audience.

Interactive Video Advertising on Multiple DevicesIf your website doesn’t have anything engaging to your audience, they will leave in 2 seconds. This article isn't an in-depth discussion on knowing your audience, but that is a key component to increasing interaction. Today's topic is more about the methods to increase your results. There are many ways to improve your user’s experience to prevent them from leaving your page. This concept is no different when it comes to advertisements that appear within a website. The goal for anyone online should be to provide rich content that hooks the user and makes them want to read more.

Using video content can double user engagement, which means increased web conversions. Who doesn't want more online sales and conversions??

How do you create engaging content?

Web spaces online are already extremely crowded with competition. You need an edge that keeps the audience starring longer. If 60% of people prefer video over text, it means it keeps your viewers in front of your content longer. We can do this with video advertising, but one of the big pains in your hind parts; cost! The more crucial problem is how difficult it is to track ROI on video ads.

interactive video increase engagement

This is where interactive video ads shine. We aren’t just saying that because we have a proprietary video ad player, or because we like to toot our own horn (TOOT TOOT). The fact is there is a huge need for interactive video players that can easily quantify ROI and user engagement while delivering much higher click through rates for the brand. When you implement an interactive ad player into a banner ad space you get the benefits of both. The results are phenomenal for our customers. In 5 years most agencies will find a way to make their ads interactive with videos, because that is the future of online advertising.

Read about our interactive video ad player here

Are you convinced you need to add video to your online realm to get more interaction? Let’s talk about how things have changed for the better with proof that video even engages YOU more!

facebook-video-interactiveHave you noticed how your Facebook feed automatically starts playing videos that your friends have shared? Have you also noticed that it does not actually start playing until the full video player is in view on your device’s screen? How about the fact that the audio is silent until you interact with the video player? If you time warp back just 3 years ago and login to Facebook, you’d remember how annoying videos were that automatically started playing and the volume was so loud that it would blow out your desktop speakers and wake up every baby within a quarter mile radius! Go back 10-15 years and surf the web, you would find website after website that opened with cheesy music that made you cringe within 1 second. Those people literally scared away their audience! Maybe you never thought about it, but the new Facebook video interaction is 1000 times better than even just a few years ago. The world of online advertising is learning how users react and engage, along with what’s pleasing.

You have to admit that Facebook has made it easier for you to stop whatever you were doing and watch a 20-second video of something that is either adorable or hilarious, right?! Video is where it’s at and if you aren’t happy with your bounce rates online, start doing something about it today! Make a plan to use video content to keep users engaged with your brand. If you aren’t sure what that video content should look like, ask a reputable agency to help. If your current digital agency doesn’t understand interactive video, that’s a sign you may need a new one!

Exponential ran a study to compare 30-second pre-roll video ads, interactive video ads and standard banner ads. The results were very thought provoking! Some of the main highlights are:

• video-driven units held attention for over twice as long
• video ads produced higher ad recall rates and boosted brand perception
• 69 percent of users spent over five seconds looking at the interactive teaser compared to just 11 percent who viewed the standard animated banner of the same size

These are the same kinds of results we have seen in our digital campaigns as well, so their study definitely validates the usefulness of interactive video. What’s more important is when the average user gets conditioned to expect a more engaging interface from interactive videos, the static banner ads are going to become less effective and will reduce ROI.

If you need help getting into the digital interactive video realm, ask how we can help, or leave us a quick message below. Now get out there and interact with some videos!