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Corporate Giving. Volunteering. Corporate giving by volunteering. We all want to ‘do good’ by helping others. If we could all just give a few minutes of our time each month, the world might be a better place.

There are many benefits to a corporate giving program and we touched on why in the last article. The following points will provide insight into why corporate giving is beneficial to society as a whole.

  • There’s research that shows community outreach programs increase customer loyalty because of their dedication to their employees doing good and their bottom line.
  • Direct personal links to giving back provide employers and employees an opportunity to give back to their own communities.
  • Non-profit organizations benefit from company giving programs because they can find one source of volunteers for their needs.
  • Fundraising and tutoring rank the highest in corporate giving
  • Employees benefit from giving opportunities if employers create an account for them to financially give back or to accumulate personal time off for their volunteer hours.
  • Employees are statistically happier and more satisfied when employers allow them time to volunteer for the greater good of their community.
  • Job satisfaction increases when employers provide volunteer programs throughout the office.
  • Job retention increases when employees feel their employer cares enough to allow time to volunteer.
  • Volunteering increases interpersonal and leadership skills for their professional and personal lives.
  • Corporate volunteering opportunities allow for a sense of social awareness and responsibility to the greater good.

How has your company embraced a giving culture? Let us know in the comments!