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The online ad experience leaves a lot to be desired. The majority of humans are fed up with advertisers. Why? Constant harassment and intrusion into your online experience! It annoys everyone with a pulse. We have to realize that online advertising pays for many websites that we frequent, so it is a necessary evil. But all ads don’t have to be annoying.

Lately we have seen the emergence of takeover ads that will pop up randomly without your finger or mouse even touching anything on the screen. These timed auto pop-ups are super annoying because many programmers build them so you stuck inside their horrible ad and can't close out, which makes the overall experience turn sour faster than you can say AD KERFUFFLE!

filmstrip ad unit marketing

In the images above we have a couple problematic ads. On the left, a chat box popped up within 5 seconds of viewing a product page. I didn’t even have time to look around before being harassed. Are they being proactive, or annoying? This is an automated window on a timer so it pops up after so many seconds of you viewing the page. What's worse is the person on the other end of the chat box usually isn't paying attention and even if they are, they're usually a minimum wage employee with next to zero technical experience. The big problem is I didn’t initiate a chat and it took me away from what I was trying to read. It’s like high pressure auto salesman all over again. Ugghh! That makes most people want to close the window and go somewhere else.

The second example of a takeover ad is just another random pop-up that takes over my screen and auto-plays a video. I definitely didn’t click or hover over something to make their video ad start playing, which doesn't even have any relevance to the website I was viewing. When a website forces you to see an ad for something that doesn’t even interest you, how do you feel about the online experience? I don’t think many people like this sort of random intrusion marketing. The worst part is companies are paying a digital agency to run digital ads for them and the marketer isn’t even making sure the ad is being delivered to the correct target. OR they are delivering to the target they want, it’s just not the right targeting data. Both scenarios result in wasted ad dollars for the company. Do you know how your digital advertising dollars are being spent? If not, start asking for better reporting so you can avoid wasteful spending and improve your ROI from digital efforts.

Do you wish you could show your entire brand message quickly in one ad space, while not annoying them? There are options! The filmstrip ad unit is a true interactive ad player that integrates videos and full sized ads into a branding experience. The ad experience starts as a 320x50 pixel display banner. The banner entices the user to click on it, the filmstrip expands into a full screen take over. This is NOT an interstitial or auto-takeover ad; that would fly in the face of iab standards. Think of the filmstrip as a landing page solution and brand showcase all optimized for mobile users.

filmstrip ad player rich media

If a user clicks on your 320x50 mobile banner by mistake, and your ad unit takes over the screen, you absolutely need to provide a way to exit the full screen takeover easily, and our unit does just that. Information in the takeover must also be easy to view and responsive. We've made sure our filmstrip checks all of these boxes, which shows in the interaction rates we continually see. Having someone interact with a brand for over 2 minutes on average means the user is clicking and swiping and digesting the content. Rich media units like the filmstrip player are going to be the future of online advertising... at least until the robots take over and can read our minds.

Let’s talk numbers…
Because our filmstrip is built with HTML5, we are able to report on more than just what most networks allow you to get data from. Our unit integrates multiple videos into a player, multiple call-to-action buttons, store locators etc. The filmstrip ad unit gives us analysis for:

  • Impressions
  • Total clicks of banner
  • Click through rate
  • Average page expansion time
  • Number of interactions per user
  • Number of videos played
  • Exit buttons clicked
  • And more….

Being able to see real time interaction stats allows for a marketer to make adjustments to maximize the effectiveness of a campaign. While many digital advertisers just plugin the creative into AdWords and walk away, that usually produces sub-par results. Taking the full service approach allows us to optimize daily if performance isn’t there. Like adjusting positioning of content, changing the message or call to action etc.

Our previous clients have really learned what does and doesn’t work for their brand. Using the filmstrip let them show something to mobile users that they had never seen before, by capturing their

Not to sound like a straight up sales pitch, but what kind of reporting is your current agency giving you? If you are looking for ways to improve your digital presence without annoying potential customers, consider trying newer technology that delivers better analytics. You will learn more about your branding and what responds better with your viewers. If you need recommendations or have a story to share, leave a comment below.