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next appointment on timeThe success of your business depends on the connections you make with each client you work with.  It doesn’t matter if it is a new client or existing client you must make sure they feel welcome. How you make them feel could way on if they go with your services or not.  They don’t have to go with your services same day.  They may decide to go with them in a month or a year but they will always remember how they were treated.

Be Prepared before the phone call or meeting.  Think before you speak and know what you are going to say.  You don’t want it to be awkward and silent and not know what to say.

ALWAYS make sure you are on time or a little early to a meeting.  You never want the client to wait.  If something comes up and you are running late call to let the client know.

When you meet your client for the first time smile AND thank them for meeting with you and giving you the opportunity to do business with them. Make sure you are standing to greet them.  You never want to be sitting to greet the client. It is also ok to shake their hand.

hand shake

Say the Client’s Name: Make sure you say the client’s name when speaking to them.  DON’T say “Hey Man how are you?“ You could say something along the lines of “Hi John, How are you and how can I help you?”  The sounds a lot better.  Also make sure you let the client know which team members will be helping them.  DON’T say “the Production Team will get ahold of you.” You could say “John from the Production Team will be in contact with you”.  If the team member is at the meeting make sure you introduce them.  If there are several people in the room for a meeting and not everyone knows each other make sure everyone is introduced.

Be very clear on what you are providing so there is no confusion. Ask the client questions and let the client ask you questions. An estimate or written contract would be perfect because then the client would know what they are receiving and if anyone within the company has a question on what is being provided they can go to the contract.

During meetings it is rude and disruptive to look at emails, take phone calls or look at text messages. The client could take that as you don’t care about them and you are too busy to meet with them.  It could make them feel less important. The same goes with meetings within your company. You should either turn your cell phone off or have it out of sight at meetings.


Once you have a contract with the client make sure you update the client on where you are on their job/project.  Let the client know when the job /project has started, progress, finished product.  Also let them know if there are any problems or issues along the way.  ALWAYS follow up when the project is done to make sure they are happy and to see if they have any questions or concerns. By doing this you are continuing building a relationship with the client.  Once the job/ project is complete make sure you stay in contact with the client to keep the relationship and so they know you haven’t forgot about them.  Whether it is checking in with them or offering new services.

If a client leaves you a message, make sure you call them back. If the client has emailed you make sure you reply.  If you don’t call them back/reply to email it could look unprofessional.  You should always get back with a client within 24 hours whether it be phone or email.  Even if you don’t know the answer make sure they know you haven’t forgot about them.

If a client is upset DON’T yell at them or say something you shouldn’t! You may want to call them something is that is not nice but you CAN’T do that.  If you do it could make the client more upset and then they could go somewhere else.

Let them tell you what is going and don’t interrupt.  Wait until they are done speaking and then start talking.  If you interrupt you may miss something or they may become more upset. Speak in a calm voice and don’t yell.  This will help keep the client calm.

Your actions can affect the business. Clients are always watching your actions whether it be a new client or existing client.


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How do you handle Etiquette with your clients?   Let us know in the comments.

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