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It isn’t easy building anything from scratch, but, with the help of social media, you could say it has gotten easier to build a brand online with some confidence.  Whether you are a completely new startup company or a small business that already has a store location, but no online presence, your strategy for building a brand with social media is the same:  establish an identity based on honesty and integrity.

Off on the Right Foot

These days everyone is promoting something through social media; either themselves or their business.  The problem is that so many people are advertising and it becomes impossible for any brand to use traditional straight-forward marketing.  You have to build a loyal base that will help lay the foundation for a brand that is personable and worthy of their attention/following.

Sure, follower counts are important, but if you get them in any manner of shortcuts, whether that means outright paying a company to funnel them or by other solicitations, those followers are a mere number, not a soldier who will defend your brand and echo it.

Joomla-ContentManagement-IconContent and Context Matters

If you want a strong brand, you’re going to need more than just a strong product online.  Times have changed!  In order to achieve your first rounds of success, you’re going to need to deliver a consistent diet of great content.  People are on social media to learn, laugh, love, and leave.

It’s up to you to capture the attention of your target audience and get them to share your content to gain exposure for your brand.  When people start associating your brand with good delivery of content, they become loyal followers.  This is how you get people to willingly check out your products or services with a positive attitude, not clicking just another link to see if a promo or hyped ad is worth the effort.

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Besides gaining potential customers, weaving relationships with industry leaders and respected voices needs to always be in your plan of growing your brand online.  You must approach this very carefully because if you come on too strong, you’ll never get recognition and be seen as a spammer.

Start out slow by having honest interactions with these social media moguls, in that you share and like a lot of their posts, leave commentary that is not just yes-manning, and eventually your hard work will pay off.  For a good start: when you retweet things on Twitter, add some of your 2 cents and try to add a little humor.  Everyone loves a witty sidekick.

Stake your Claim

In a sea of brands and so-called experts, you need to find a way to stand out, but not to the point where you come off as just another fake, loud, and arrogant salesman.  There are too few authentic brands out there, and even less making moves on social media.  If you have the opportunity to share your views, commentate on hot topics, or news, don’t make the effort if you are not committed to saying what you really feel, tactfully, of course.  People respect companies that are not afraid to do more than just make profits, in-turn increasing your loyal following.