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I think we can all admit, not all website designs are equal.  Some are slow to respond; some look like they were made in 1995; others are dysfunctional and broken.  This article is going to discuss what HTML5 is, why it is necessary today, and why you need to know to utilize HTML5 correctly with your website and digital marketing strategies.

Alright, so what is HTML5?

html5Back in 1997 the internet was driven by HTML4.  If you remember how the average website looked in 1997, it was almost entirely text and the occasional image.  XHTML came out around 2000 and offered some new tricks for web developers to make objects more dynamic.  But this phase included doing weekly Adobe Flash and Shockwave updates, and my personal favorite; DAILY Java updates.  Ugghh!

The crux of the original HTML4 and XHTML were that they still relied heavily on plugins and browser add-ons to handle things like videos and animation. Example:  you hop on a popular video website and you notice your computer slows to a crawl.  This is likely because that 3rd party program is putting a load on your system.  As HTML5 becomes the standard for web development it removes the need for these external 3rd party plugins, along with their annoying updates.

Simply put, HTML5 will help web developers and marketers build media in a fashion that the end product is compatible across all major browsers and platforms.  The days of having to update your browser plugins every other day to just to view a popular website are coming to an end!

Statistics That Matter

We can’t deny that the world is becoming more and more mobile.  According to the IAB, over 25% of all website hits are coming from mobile devices and those who are making purchases online are doing so on their tablets and mobile phones.  If your website or online store aren’t HTML5 and mobile optimized, you are in jeopardy of annoying at least 1 out of every 4 users who see your website or ad.  If you aren’t sure if your website is HTML5 compliant, send us a quick message and let us find out for you.

2015 web mobile statistics

Why HTML5 replaced Flash

In one of our recent articles, Rose talked about Flash and how it’s being replaced by HTML5 in the ad world.  As we have pointed out above, the web standard is also now HTML5.  Adobe hasn’t given up on Flash but they are admitting that their programming is being built more for desktop users. You can read their press release here.

Apple unashamedly admits they have no intentions of supporting Flash for any of their systems. Their iOS browsers have not supported flash for a few years and seeing how many millions of people faithfully use their Apple devices every day to purchase goods online; you’d be crazy to ignore these potential customers and clients by using outdated code like HTML4 and Flash SWF ads that aren’t supported by browsers anymore.

If you are a web developer or marketing wiz, hopefully you are already making the HTML5 transition across the entire creative spectrum.  If not, you may be left in the dust as we quickly evolve into newer, better web technology.

If you have an outdated website and need help, or you are currently still creating SWF ads, we’d love to help you make this transition.  We pride ourselves in being a digital partner that can help you solve these kinds of problems.  If you have any questions, leave a comment below and we will do our best to answer.

Now go get your HTML5 on!