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When you are busy; staying organized at work can be hard.  You need to stay organized to be productive and get the tasks done.

how to get organized

How can you stay organized?


Managing your time is key.   First, make a prioritized list of everything that you need to get done; label these anyway that make sense to you. For example simply mark the most important A, the next thing B and so on.   Whatever you don’t get done that day move to the next day, but make sure these are not tasks that had the highest priority.  You also have to plan on unexpected interruptions, they are very likely to happen. Keeping a calendar of meetings, tasks, lunch, etc. can also help you stay organized.  It is best to start the day off by going through your emails to see what might have come in from the night before. Focus on the urgent emails first and then work through the others, if needed throughout the day.

In order to help manage your time, take breaks during the day.  This is important to stay focused. Something you could do, if allowed, is take a 5 minute break every hour to refocus.

Organize Your Workspace:


Have everything within reach: Keep items and office supplies that you use every day at your desk so you don’t have to look for things you need on a daily basis.  Whatever you don’t use on a daily basis,  put away in your desk drawer or somewhere centrally located for everyone to use. That will keep everything organized but within reach.

Clutter can distract people. Rule of thumb, if you haven’t used it in 6 months store it somewhere other than your desk and out of sight, or get rid of it.

Put paperwork where it should go.  Paperwork can get all over your desk and add up quickly.  Make sure that you organize them in correct files.  Make a file for each client, project, etc.  When paperwork comes to your desk don’t just leave it there put it where it needs to be.  Immediately address the paper whether it be a bill, receipts, etc.

Keeping your workspace clean and organized will help you stay focused and on task for things that need to get done and those things that can come up.

Steps to Staying Organized

  1. Organize your e-mail the same way you organize your desk.  Make folders and put the e-mails in the appropriate files.  Check your e-mail two or three times a day. The best times to check would be first thing in the morning , at lunch and at the end of the work day.  Checking it too much interrupts your work and productivity.
  2. If you are busy or rushed to get something done let all phone calls go to voicemail.  Check them later in the day and return all calls when you have more time.
  3. Try Not to Multitask. If you focus on one task you will complete it much faster than working on multiple things.
  4. Maintaining an organized office where you can find things quickly and easily saves time and makes you more productive.
  5. If you need help getting organized don’t be afraid to ask coworkers for help. They could give you pointers on what works for them.

Getting organized can be easy.  Once you are organized can you stay that way?

If you have any tips not listed please leave them in the comments below.