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Social media can be one of your highest converting platforms, if you do it right. Writing out a strategy, implementing a plan, and then executing it takes a tremendous amount of work but the results are certainly worth the time you'll put into it. Finding the right strategy for your brand can be one of the hardest decisions you'll make, but we've outlined a few below that nearly every industry can use. You don't have to pick just one strategy either, the best plans will include multiple ways to interact with your audience.

jetblue-twitter-customer-service1#1. Customer Service

When people get bad service, they want to be heard. It used to be that they just complained to their friends and dropped it, but those days have long since passed. Now with the spread of social media across nearly every demographic, voicing your frustration has become easier and more acceptable.

Jet Blue really does a good job here, of first reaching out right away and then using hashtags to explain a little why it was cancelled. Then, they even get rid of the worst part about calling customer service - the hold. They'll call you, so you don't have to wait!

They completely turned this customers interaction around, from despair about the cancelled flight to overjoyed with their level of service. This is how you gain lifelong customers.

maxresdefault#2. Educating Your Audience

Teaching your audience something new, preferably about your industry is one of the best ways to gain trust with them. Provide them so much value that they cannot possibly say no to you. You can do this through informational webinars, tutorials, free guides, and video series dedicated to showing people how to solve common problems.

Moz does this really well, with their founder Rand Fishkin doing videos showing various SEO tips and tricks, in his Whiteboard Friday series.

#3. Contests

While it may be a little cliche and not all social networks allow them, contests can be an incredible way to generate leads and interest to your company fast. The key here is to make sure that your prize is related to your industry (though it doesn't have to be something you necessarily sell). My favorite example of this is a site that offers cheap flights held a giveaway for free roundtrip tickets to Europe. This ensured that the people engaging with the brand were interested in travel, and what they offered. All together, they paid something like $900 for the tickets they gave away - but the ROI was much better than any paid advertising they could do.

comics#4. Viral Content Creation

While nothing you create is guaranteed to go viral, there are quite a few types of content that have much higher chances of being shared. Quizzes, polls, slide decks, interactive videos, and listicles  have much higher rates of being shared since they encourage engagement. If you're having trouble coming up with ideas, check out what your competitors are doing and creative ideas from other industries.

The biggest point I can stress is not to come off like a sales person. People hate being sold to. Be a friend, a guiding hand, build relationships and the sales will come on their own.

Have any tips or strategies that you use for your own business? Let us know in the comments!