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Rising Star’s encompass the IAB’s initiatives to seek and create new outlets for advertising within the digital realm. There is a process for selecting and testing these rising star ad units and when one is found successful it is then inducted into the IAB ad unit portfolio.

The chosen iab rising stars of video have been tested and successful; those rising stars are; filmstrip, ad control bar, time sync, extender and full screen. No, they don’t have super fancy or fun names – but, what they do have is results.

Is Video That Good?

iab video search

Video has become one of the most powerful tools on the internet; if you want to gain the attention of a vast audience – you guessed it, video is where you need to be. Understanding that idea, understanding that it is only going to be more engaging as more and more people use it will aid you, your brand, your organization and those clients you are helping to greater success.

We think about terms like viewability, we boast on interaction rates and engagement; with video all of those are relevant and then some. “Companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-video users.” – Aberdeen

Stats like that as well as so many others, touting scores and increases in shares, landing page visits and even increased conversion rates all come about because companies are embracing this ever changing video idea. The number of platforms that can be utilized with the iab rising stars of video helps in the distribution of these ads once they are created.

What Do You Think?

With so many platforms and solutions for telling ones story these days, video has become a limitless way of doing so. Video is powerful, it catches the attention of those you are trying to reach and gets them at the right time.

“Video allows us to tell the great stories of our customers, rather than our own.”

-Bo Dietrick - Video Producer

“No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.”

-Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee

Ad Units

Choices, choices and more choices. Finding what you really want while watching a video about something that interests you. This in-stream video ad unit is paired with an overlay that gives choices and ideas of what the next step looks like. Need a map to locate a store, want to download something associated with the unit, are there more videos to view, can we view images related, and the possibilities go on with this overlay and ad unit.

Time Sync

Talk about an attention keeper. This in-stream video ad is in tune with its surroundings. By delivering the interaction possibilities that are contextually compatible with the video – the viewer is engaged in double time.


Thought this would never happen? Me too. The normal 30 second video cap that has been placed on most video durations is no more. While this in-stream video is performing the viewer gets the option to “extend” the length of the video and watch a full-length video instead. Genius!


While watching a video, this ad unit will take you through animations, downloads, store locators and other information that will lead to a purchase decision that makes sense to the viewer after watching this in-stream video ad unit.

Full Screen

The full screen iab video rising star is just that. This specific video ad unit will expand to a full screen image; the best part is that in order to reach this full screen capability – one must interact with the ad unit. Full screen means full viewer attention. As always the control is in the viewers’ hand, if desired the normal size can be reached by closing full screen mode.

Here is a great article that gives some fantastic images for what each piece looks like.


What’s next?

With the iab, there are so many things continually being updated, improved and sought after. The increase in products, formats and video length and functions will continue to grow and amaze. The best thing that we as marketers in the digital space can do with the iab rising stars of video is dive deep into the idea of them, how do they work and what are the most beneficial KPI’s that can be associated with each one.

Have you used the iab rising stars of video in your marketing efforts already, do you have more insight into the different ad units? We would love to hear your experience with them, leave us a comment or hit us up on our social platforms.