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About Us

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, JMC Brands founder Roy Browning started our company as a way to earn a living apart from unemployment. With a desire to start an agency that believed in leadership and integrity above all else, JMC Brands started in digital media before digital was really a “thing.” We were there when web banners and e-blasts were the only digital media buy options; fast forward to today and you can create an entire digital media campaign personalized to your target audience with our AdApted Digital Media Platform. While we’ve seen many changes over the years, one thing has remained consistent: “Building, Managing, and Optimizing” (BMO) digital campaigns is where our heart is.

JMC Brands is:


Leadership, integrity, selfless service, excellence, and enjoyment. We build, manage, and optimize every campaign as if it were our own.

JMC’s Collaborative Community Programs

As an industry leader, JMC Brands has cultivated a collaborative community of online advertising professionals. Looking to earn an income offering digital ads without having to invest in the technology, the people, and the experience needed for a successful media campaign? Check out our affiliate program to learn more about our turnkey trading desk solutions. Or, if you love to build, manage, and optimize campaigns, check out our builders and manager-optimizer community programs. With JMC Brands, you can get started earning an income working for yourself with our collaborative community. Learn more about our community here.