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JMC's Collaborative Community Programs

At JMC Brands, we believe in service, leadership, and teamwork. That’s one reason we’ve connected a community of online advertising professionals who collaborate with us on projects, experiences, industry insights, and more. See yourself fitting in with one of our collaborative community programs below? We’d love to hear from you!


Typically comprised of boutique agencies and independent contractors and consultants, our affiliates capture the necessary details from client campaigns and use our AdApted Digital Media Platform to fulfill client digital advertising needs. Need to provide marketing and advertising solutions but don’t have the time or resources to build and optimize client ad campaigns? Sign up for our affiliate program!

Why Join The Affiliate Community?

  1. We work exclusively with you to launch your client’s campaign
  2. White label is an option
  3. We invoice you less 15% of rate card
  4. PLUS - You get an All-Access Pass to the AdApted Digital Media Summit (Food and Hotel included!)

Want to learn more about the affiliate community? Click the button below to schedule a demo and see it in action!


Are you an individual who loves building digital media campaigns but hates having to manage them? Then our builder collaborative community program might be the right place for you! Our builders view unclaimed service tickets for new campaigns, and based on the scope of the build, choose the ones that best suit them. Start building with us today, and then let us take care of the rest of the campaign.


Opposite of the builders is our manager-optimizers program, for individuals who’d rather maintain campaigns than build them. Our manager-optimizers are constantly researching ways to improve campaign performance and manage client ad needs. The best part? Manager-optimizers get to choose the campaigns they work on based on their preferences, like industry type or workload.

AdApted Digital Media Summit

One of the best benefits of being a member of any of our collaborative community programs is getting the chance to connect in person with our industry leaders. Our annual community conference takes place each October in Cleveland and features two days of workshops, speakers, and of course, lots of fun, in-person collaboration.