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Simply put, moboZilla® is a tool that you can use to easily create customized mobile landing pages. Multiple custom templates can be created for your brand(s). You can then link to those pages from ads, events, business cards, or any other promotional materials. With moboZilla®, your sales materials come to life and an interactive, engaging conversation is created.

Add custom headlines and promote special offers. Continue the conversation by including videos, news stories, social media links, and much more. Link back to lead cards and create specific calls to action that create excitement.

With moboZilla, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Maintain corporate branding standards. Pre-built templates ensure corporate branding standards are maintained, while allowing users to include local content or promotions. Adding localized content and contact information increases consumer engagement.

Drive success by creating a custom experience for each campaign.

Generate 7X more leads with custom landing pages. With moboZilla it’s easy to capture leads and drive sales. By creating customized content, specific to your current promotions or localized to your community, you have the opportunity to generate 7X more leads.

Fuel consumer interaction with a consistent brand message from ad to sale.

Why moboZilla?

Because it’s more than just a lead collection tool. It’s a unique solution to sales, service, and advertising problems. And tracking ROI has never been easier. With moboZilla it’s easy to:

  • Determine if events and trade-shows are producing results.
  • Justify where you are spending your marketing dollars.
  • Discover which brand elements trigger consumer interactions.

Lead Collection

Lead Collection Landing Pages Easily create a unique landing page for each event you attend. Eliminate lead data entry time. Promote new products or specials. Track the effectiveness of the event. Follow up faster; increase sales!

Multiple Locations

Each location can easily create and maintain individual landing pages. Corporate branding and standards. Localized content control. More social interaction. Increased brand engagement!

Message Manager

Easily create unique landing pages that control your message and continue the conversation. Include multiple videos. Promote new products and demos. Control your message. Increase brand engagement!

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