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I was asked the question; “why would I want my ads to appear on dating websites?” This is a great question especially for our society’s continuing growth in social media and online existence. We are a digital age consistently getting our names and brands out there, we do not want to tarnish our brands by associating with things we feel may not compliment us.

According to studies published by the Pew Research Center, 1 in 10 Americans utilize or have utilized dating websites. These sites range in size and demographics but something they have in common is the allowance of ads to be shown on their sites. The individuals that utilize these forums range in all of the demographics that can possibly separate us from one another.mouse haert two

The top dating sites have great content of their own, pair this with their marketing endeavors and the sites become a great place to post your ads. Where there is great content and great marketing, there also should be great ads to follow in the flow. When these things are linked together they can work in synergy to form a great ad experience.

When a consumer is on a dating site their expectation is to find something, this is not always centered to the subject at hand but can also be highlighted in the advertising around them. Why is this potential client on this site? The same reason they are on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social site; socialization and content. Utilizing the sites/placements at our fingertips can ensure us to get our message as advertisers out there to our targets.

"If we plan on effectively communicating with our customers then we must speak the many languages that they are speaking and perform for them at the moments that matter."

There are many dating sites, and while not all sites are beneficial to advertising (and listing all the appropriate and/or inappropriate sites would be all consuming), some dating sites have a lot of space allotted for marketing and advertising. Since these sites are some of the most popular websites on the internet it would be a great benefit to be seen there.

Let’s face it, we are going to be as picky with our advertising as we are going to be; aside from that, we also need to know where our target is. If they are on these dating sites then so should our ads.

“Why would I want my ads to appear on dating websites?” Because you want your target to hear your message, you want to start the conversation at the right time, you want them to be in the right state of mind when they see or hear it and you want them to jump at the chance to see, hear and utilize your service or product.