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A-B comparison. Split testing. Concept with desktop computer vector illustrationWhenever I visit a new site, I instinctively pick apart the design.  I look at how the menu is setup weird, how the colors don't go together, or how it doesn't work well on my phone.  That's rather big picture stuff, so what about the minute changes - the tweaking of a button size, or the altering of a call to action?  How can you judge whether those things will help or hurt your conversion rate? These small changes that make a big difference are all part of increasing conversions with A/B testing

A/B testing is the process of testing iterations of a design across hundreds or thousands of users to test which will convert better, and we can do this in many ways.  If you're on WordPress, there are dozens of plugins (most paid) that can help you with this. Other platforms can use a service like Optimizely to help gather insights on what their customers like.  For those wanting to test two completely separate pages, Google Experiments (free) works well.  There's a $19 WooCommerce plugin for those with eCommerce sites, and another PHP script for those not on WordPress for $14.
Now, let's get into increasing conversions with A/B Testing:


  1. Find a variable to test. The classic one is button color (does red or blue convert better, or something along those lines) but it really could be anything. You'll want to pick a page that gets a decent amount of traffic so you can really see the changes.
  2. Setup your test using your tool of choice, and set an audience size. Normally, 1000 visitors (500 for each variable) works well, but the more visitors, the clearer the results.
  3. Run the tests, and analyze your results. If out of your 1000 visitors, 75% of clicks are from blue, and 25% are from red, you should change your button color to blue.
  4. Repeat! Now you know what color to make your your button, try changing the text. Or, the shape. Or, the size. The possibilities are endless.

Think about it this way... let's say you currently convert at 3% on your home page, and sell a $10 item and you get 100,000 visitors per year. That means you're currently selling $30,000 worth of product per year. If you A/B test and get to a 5% conversion rate, which isn't unreasonable at all, you would be selling $50,000 per year -a $20,000 increase! With A/B testing tools starting at $50/mo, and a minimal setup time, it's a very good investment for your company.



By following these steps, you can skyrocket your conversions and start reaping the rewards of higher sales. Increasing conversions with A/B testing is not difficult, it just takes time.  Have anything you'd like to test, or any results from running these?  We'd love to hear, leave us a comment below!