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Of course when you think about Human Resources your mind can be drawn to employee files, reviews, handbooks, hiring and of course compensation. There are many aspects of Human Resources that article upon article can be written about. But, when I think of the underlying and positive significance of Human Resources I think of motivating, employee development and communication. Simply defined “human resources”, “the personnel of a business or organization, especially when regarded as a significant asset.”

Motivation (to get employees fired up!)

easy buttonDo we need to rethink this idea of motivation? This is a hugely important piece to the puzzle of productivity, so many companies forget about it as if it is not relevant. I am here to remind you that today’s work force and I mean those who are capable and good at what they do (or can be with just a little training) need to be motivated day to day.

Does this mean HR needs to be following team members around with cookies – absolutely not! What this means is, those things that you have once thought would be cool within a company – they still are (cool, I mean). Do not be afraid to implement those things within your organization, if you are not the final decision maker then advocate for those things within your organization.

Know your team members well enough to know what will motivate them as well, take the majority and start implementing those things now. A few things that you can try; stock the coffee and pop and let your team members have what they like, take everyone to a baseball game on a sunny day, give away trophies, buy a monthly lunch for the team, encourage with words, help them with their favorite charity and have a yearly company party. These are just a few to get you started but the list is vast.

Employee Development (Supporting and promoting employees to advance)


When we support our team members to not only advance within the company but also in education and life we are showing them that we care. There are many ways that we can promote this within our organizations and here are a few;

  • Assisting with education; tuition fees, class fees, enrolling them in an extra class and/or certificate programs.
  • Mentoring systems can go a long way in coaching others in different positions and along the way to success.
  • Enriching the current position with skills, such as; giving presentations, starting/joining a committee and/or volunteering.
  • Shadowing/Cross-training one another and learning the different job functions.
  • Workshops, seminars, webinars, conferences.

Taking initiative in an employees’ development is a shared task between the team member and leader. In order to make this a success, the leader must help the team member realize short and long term goals while giving positive and corrective feedback.

Communication – To foster the exchange of information

Keeping an open line of communication between all parties within an organization is highly important when trying to establish a communicative environment. Too many times ‘open door policy’ has not followed up on its promise to be just that. In order to keep the lines of communication flowing within a company, Human Resources can lay out these points to effectiveness. (These are just a few of many points that can be used).

  • Don’t waste people’s time – know what you are trying to communicate.
  • Listen more than you speak – understanding what is going on around you can answer questions before you ask them.
  • Take notes – In order to communicate effectively you must show interest and remember what is told to you.
  • Know your objective when striking a conversation or meeting – Don’t waste people’s time!!! (I know it’s here twice).
  • Encourage feedback – Welcome others thoughts in any situation really.
  • Keep communications routine – Meet timely and let others know this time is allotted for them and it is important to you.

Although there are many ways to communicate and many ideas on how to get it started and how to keep it flowing, these six tips can easily help in the process.

Not a catchall – but, in conclusion!

Human Resources within any business structure has a lot of moving parts, nobody would ever wonder what does that department or person do. Although as we have said, there are many pieces to the HR side of things it is not just the data and the mundane, it is the people – the people make it what it is.