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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three pillars of the AdApted™ Media Campaign Platform?
1. AdSuite™ - A collection of unique ad units and targeting tools that deliver your message in a compelling way, while empowering users to engage your brand.

2. 3+1 Trading Desk™ - A digital media trading desk, that aggregates 3rd party & 1st party inventory, providing access to more people who look like your best customers, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality targeting to reach volume.

3. EzDash Reports™ - Access to a real-time reporting dashboard that compiles campaign data from multiple channels and visualizes it in a single dashboard.

Can I use only one of the 3 pillars for my campaign?

All three of our pillars are built to work together. There’s a golden thread woven throughout the platform that cannot be severed.

What is an “all-inclusive” media rate?

When running a campaign you have to buy your media from somewhere. When you buy your digital media from JMC Brands there are no hourly rates, no setup fees, and no build fees. The Cost Per Thousand (CPM) Impressions/Views includes it all.

What do you mean by “full-service” trading desk?

Self-serve ad networks require you to set-up your campaigns. To leverage your campaign’s greatest potential you must regularly manage and optimize them. At JMC Brands, we build, manage and optimize your campaigns for you - and this is all included as part of your media buy.

What are your media rates?

Visit our “Get Started” page and enter a few general details about your campaign. In 3 easy steps our campaign builder will generate a sample media plan with the AdSuite tactics you selected, including a budgetary breakdown and cost of media by market.

What if I don’t have any creative/artwork for my campaign?

Whether you need artwork for your ads or landing pages for your campaigns, we have a list of partners who specialize in each of the areas necessary to launch you campaigns. We would be happy to connect you with a partner and work directly with them to assure we have everything we need to build and launch a successful campaign.

What makes your trading desk different than others?

Most digital media trading desks only include Google, and sometimes a few other ad networks. Leveraging technology, we’ve brought Google’s inventory, all of their competitors’ inventory and 1st party inventory from select major websites into a single location - our trading desk. This gives you access to more opportunities to reach a highly targeted audience.

Also, our 3+1 Trading Desk™ is nestled in between our AdSuite™ collection and our  EzDash Reports™, making it part of an entire digital advertising ecosystem, rather than a stand-alone tool.

I understand the importance of localized landing pages, but making a local page for multiple locations seems like more trouble than it’s worth. Do you offer a solution for this?

This is a common concern with franchises and field agents. We have answered this challenge with MoboZilla, our enterprise landing page solution. Check out information and schedule a MoboZilla demo here.

Can I use your EzDash Reports™ dashboard for my existing campaigns?

In many cases, YES! As long as you have an active campaign running on the AdApted™ platform we are able to pull data from sources such as Facebook and Twitter into your EzDash Reports™ dashboard. This allows you have all of your campaign reports in a single location. A minimum spend may apply here.

Why would I use your platform over doing a self-serve tool such as AdWords?

There are two things people tell us they wish they had more of; time and money. If someone has time to build, manage and optimize their campaigns as well as additional time to manually pull the results together into easy-to-read reports, we say go for it! If they don’t have the time and would rather pay someone to do it for them, we suppose that’s an option as well.

If saving time and money by leveraging our team and technology to run results-driven campaigns with world-class service sounds good to you, we’d love to get started today!