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I am amazed at the number of “Digital Agencies” in market today. I am even more amazed at how far the spectrum runs between one to another. All falling under one giant umbrella, we are all digital marketers. There are some complications when we all call ourselves the same thing.

digital media planner doctorPicture this, you are in the Emergency Room with a very traumatic injury and the doctor helping you says, “You need a surgeon.” Ok, so far so good, right? The nurse then looks over at the doctor and says, “What type of surgeon do you want doctor?” The doctor looks at the nurse and says “Any surgeon will do. We just need a surgeon.”

I think you agree with me that what you really need is a trauma surgeon. You probably don’t need an orthopedic surgeon if you have a gunshot wound to your abdomen. Or a plastic surgeon at this point. You need a trauma surgeon to stop the bleeding and save your organs!

This is the problem with us all calling ourselves “digital marketers”. We are specialists. We have strengths and weaknesses in one area or another. Even gigantic agencies like McCann WorldGroup have specialized sections/companies within its massive umbrella to handle the unique challenges in the marketing landscape.

To this point, I want to talk for a second about media buying. This is a specialty. Sure someone can throw some dates into a spreadsheet and call it a media plan. Sure anyone can set up a Google AdWords account and say they can buy media. Anyone with a Facebook account can boost a post or create an ad on the fly. These things do not make someone a specialist, or a media buyer for that matter. This means that they have access to the tools, but they do not have the skills to use them well.

digital media buying company

You really do need a digital media buying expert for your media plan. Call us Dr. Digital!

Let’s jump back to our surgeon analogy. Imagine that you met me on the street and you had appendicitis. You are not about to die just yet, but I say to you “Hey I have a scalpel and some gloves. Why don’t I go ahead and take that out for you.” Do I have the tools? Sure. Do I have the skills? Despite my paramedic training, I don’t think so! You need a surgeon who has been trained extensively in removing the appendix.

We are specialists in media buying because we spend day in and day out working with the tools and using them in ways that many wouldn’t be able to comprehend. We have been specially trained in buying media so your ads are placed in front of the right person, at the right time, with the right message. We are not PR specialists. There are other agencies that have that claim to fame. We are media buying specialists, especially in the digital space.

OK, OK. I can hear you saying, I know how to do this and I also know graphic design and I know PR. You are generalizing. You need to give credit to the people who have been trained in cross functional areas.

I hear you. Let’s go back to the hospital. An ED (Emergency Department) doctor is cross trained in many different areas so they can treat a very wide variety of patients straight from the ED. This doctor is trained in basic surgery, basic ophthalmology and basic dentistry even. But I guarantee you the first thing out of that doctors mouth when he or she encounters something beyond their basic training is “Let’s get a surgeon on the phone for a consult.” or “Get the on-call obstetrician, this woman is about to have a baby.” The ER (Emergency Room) doctors know their limitations and know when to call for help. Can the ER doctor deliver a baby? Sure! As a paramedic I can deliver a baby, but wouldn’t you rather deliver a baby in the OB ward of the hospital with a midwife or obstetrician right there and their entire nursing staff??

As digital marketers we need to know when to call for a consult and know when to hand it off to someone with the specialty required to serve the client. Being a specialist means that you can handle the complex intricacies of your field and do things that others marvel at.

As media buying specialists we know demographics, geographies, interests, topics, and a dozen other audience segmentations to make sure the right people are targeted. We know how to optimize by impression, click, conversion, and acquisition. We know how to eliminate unqualified prospects. We can ensure your ads are not clicked by bots. We can give you assurance that your brand is not placed on a site or in a location that you would not want to be in. We know how to build look-a- like segmentations to reach the clients that are similar to your current and most profitable clients. We have built our network so it reaches far past that of just Google. We focus on our skills, networks, and resources every day to be the best of the best.

Next time you are working with your marketing department or agency to place a media buy, consider bringing in a media buying agency like us to partner with so you get the best results possible. We don’t need to be your strategist and creative department and PR department to help you get the most out of your money.

digital media buying agency

We are your digital partner because we complement the skills of the cross functional agency. We are your digital partner because we work with your current marketing department or agency to make your budget go further. And most of all, we are your digital partner because we don’t want to sell you a product and then run. We want to come alongside you to get you the best results for the best price, because (forgive the cliche) if you win, we win. It is truly a partnership. It is not a vendor and a client. It is two,or three or more if you have an agency, partners working together towards a common goal.

Don't believe me? Try it for yourself and tell me the results.