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Dealing with impatient clients can be one of the most challenging parts of your job. Some clients are unaware of other jobs or clients and want everything now. These clients can take a lot of your time and energy and dealing with them can be stressful.

The client may have been very rude to you but you must be patient, speak slowly, stay calm and remain friendly. If you are this way then it will show the client that you are professional and hopefully calm them down. If you don’t stay calm it can backfire. If you are not calm you could lose the client/business.

Let the client finish talking before you respond.  After they are done talking repeat what they said to confirm what you heard is correct.  From there, address the concerns and answer questions they may have had.  The last step is to resolve any issues.  If you don’t let them talk they might think that you don’t care about them or their problem.

Listen To the Client

impatient-clients-are-the-worstYou must control the conversation.  Once you find out what the issue is and if the client starts complaining again - guide them back to the problem they called about.  If it continues make sure you let them know that you will end the conversation and call back at a later time.

Listen to see what the issue is:  The client may be impatient because of something another team member did or because they didn’t receive something they thought/were supposed to.   Listen and try to figure out what the real issue is.  Ask questions if you need to. You must ask in a nice way because you DON’T want to come across as rude.

You could ask what they were expecting and why they felt they didn’t get what they were expecting. Once you listen to them you might find out why they are being impatient or they could have misunderstood.  If they misunderstood ask them for their receipt, invoice or agreement.  Having this information may help them/you understand if everything was received properly.

Always let the person in charge of the company or a team lead know about an impatient client.   If you do this the person in charge can tell you how to move forward or they may talk to the client themselves.

It’s ok to Let Your Client Go:  A bad relationship between you and the client is never good for you or them.   No one deserves to be treated bad whether that be you or the client.  Your company has a reputation and if the client is not happy they can ruin the reputation.

Things you must remember when dealing with an impatient client:

  1. Listen to concern and show concern.
  2. Tell clients what you will do to resolve any issues.
  3. Follow up - this shows the client you are on top of things and that you care.
  4. It should always be nice to work and do business with the client.  If it is always bad or things go wrong then something is wrong.
  5. Don't Take Insults Personally: This can be hard for some people. Whatever the client says has nothing to do with you personally.  They are upset about the product or service. Try to focus on resolving the issue and don’t focus on being insulted.

Once you are done talking to an impatient client you will probably need to destress.  Ask the person in charge if you can walk away for a couple of minutes.  You can walk outside, go to the restroom or do something else to help you calm down.

Have you dealt with an impatient/rude client?  Is there something you do different than what is listed? Leave your comments and we can discuss.