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Let's say that you get 100,000 site visitors per month on your online store. Truly not an unattainable number, though a bit higher than average because the numbers work out better for the math we're going to do in a second.

Now, which is easier? A 50,000/mo increase in site traffic, or a 1% increase in conversions (up from 2% to 3%) on people making purchases or opting into things on your site.

2% conversion on an 100,000/mo site is 2,000 optins, and a 1% increase gets you to 3,000 optins with the same amount of traffic. Meanwhile, if your conversion rate is 2% you'd need to add 50,000 visitors per month to get to that same 3,000 optin count.

This is why working on your conversion rate is huge for your business. So, how do you grow your conversion rate by these "crazy" amounts in a couple hours to better capitalize on the traffic you're already getting?

Just two things. In-line CTA's, and Content Upgrades.

#1. In-Line CTAs
If your site is set up like most blogs, you've got a little email signup form in the sidebar and maybe a little email optin near the bottom of some blog post you wrote too. Maybe it's just a checkbox to subscribe when someone leaves a comment, like many sites I've seen. Shudders.

There are incredibly better ways to do it though, and it's pretty simple. All you need to do is add a call to action in the middle of your post.

Something like the one below from the site.

When someone's scrolling, they'll see your offer and click on it to optin. As soon as it's clicked, you can have a popup show with a basic form to get their information. has some awesome tools for this, their click-triggers work well as inline-CTA's (and are now a free part of their tool, so you don't even need to pay).

What you need to offer to get them to click is the premise of point #2, content upgrades.

#2: Content Upgrades
When you're reading a cooking blog and see a call-to-action, which is more tempting? An offer for a free PDF of that recipe sent to your email so you can print it out when you get back to your computer, or a little box asking you to signup so they can send you their newsletter? You know, so you can read all the latest news from Susie's Baking Co., a site you've never even visited before.

I know what I'd choose. (Hint: It's not Susie telling me all about her life in some newsletter).

CTA's like this are called content upgrades, and they convert at 30-40% on a page. This is huge for a site getting lots of one-off social traffic.

Some content upgrades could be things like a slide deck, case study, excel sheet with a list of tools you used in your post, or a free video. It needs to be highly related to the thing they're reading, and looked at as an upgrade if they want even more information. If the content you're writing is any good, it shouldn't be that hard to give something away for free.