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creating leads from linkedin

Can you really get leads from LinkedIn?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, yyyeeeeeesssss.

There is virtually a limitless supply of social media platforms on the web today. Everything from truckers only to Disney fans can find a unique place to interact and exchange ideas in an array of means. The interweb is woven with forums and chat rooms, blogs and news, Twitter and Facebook. It’s a place to be real or be anonymous, connect with friends, family and perfect strangers.

With so many possibilities, why do we need to feel like there is no place for the business class? The truth is, we really don’t. We just need to treat them different. And LinkedIn knows it. And so I say, “Can you really gain leads from LinkedIn?”

When using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, they have certain “rules”. For Twitter, it’s a character limit (140 actually). Facebook wants to control the ads and keep users connected to their own interests.

Enter LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a professional’s connection tool. At its heart is the desire to “link” people in similar fields. That’s what it is intended to do. So why does it seem impossible to connect?

Well, probably because most users on LinkedIn haven’t taken the time to learn the intent. LinkedIn, superficially, looks and feels like Facebook so it’s easy to use, but as a tool it is more than just social media—it’s professional connection (if you use it right) and yes makes you understand that you can really gain leads from LinkedIn.

So here are some insider tricks and tips to help you get the most from LinkedIn and start gaining leads.

1)      Content, Content, Content

If you haven’t heard by now, you need to hear this: Content is king. Don’t neglect LinkedIn and save it for a rainy day, it needs to be on your watch list. No need to push out every article or share 1000 times, it’s still a professional site.

But, don’t let it sit there either. Share once a day, engage others who are sharing, and (as if this wasn’t obvious) be social.

2)       Stay Focused

The hardest part of any business is managing time. We all know the conundrum, if you’re only selling, you can’t be making and distributing the product. And, what good is a product if you’re not out there selling it. Between the double-edged sword, who has time for social media.

I mean, let’s face it, unless you have the money to invest in a social media department, we all have real work to do.

That’s true, but the image is just as important as our product. Business leaders, for the first time ever, are at a distinct disadvantage to the client. The client can use other social media sites to leave feedback and post reviews without ever telling you. Before you know it, the comments page of Reddit has more info on your company than your own company webpage.

Unless, that is, if you are actively engaging and presenting a positive image of your company. It’s good etiquette and shows your professional demeanor to share your expertise, and be personal. I mean, that’s what sales is all about right? Rubbing elbows and networking. It’s the same business just a different platform.

3)      Don’t Leave Them Guessing

When you first set up your business page, LinkedIn asks for a lot of information you may not know or may not have built yet. That shouldn’t stop you from filling in all the fields. I know I can’t stand logging in to see, “Your profile is 80% complete. Would you like to finish it now?”

Well, your clients won’t see that message, but they will see holes—fill them. Not sure what to put, share your latest product. Most fields don’t have required characters (like an @ in the email box), but are used on the back end for indexing. That doesn’t matter to you, you just need to show your diversity.

4)      Incorporate

LinkedIn is one of many social networks. Use the others you use more often, to build the ones you use less often. That means connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to LinkedIn. It makes sharing easier, it helps your other connections connect on a deeper level, and it’s just good practice.


5)      Don’t Do It Alone

No, I don’t mean ask your 14 year old son for help. You need to join groups. Seriously. As of April 2016, LinkedIn reported having 400 million users. You will never get to know them all, nor should you.

If you make wagon widgets, your target clientele is people who need (or know someone who needs) wagon widgets. So go join the wagon widget fan group and you are instantly connected to people looking for you. There isn’t a wagon widget fan group? Make one. Then go join 15 other groups while that one builds popularity.

creat leads from linkedin

Groups make LinkedIn’s 400 million users manageable. It makes the things you share more personal and it allows you to get to know the people not just the posts. So remember, people don’t just buy things from people they like. They buy things from people they trust. You build trust through content, consistency, transparency, and (most importantly) in groups.

Can you really gain leads from LinkedIn? Yes, yes you can. If like other networks you put time, effort and thought into them. Use these tips and tricks and you can make professional relationships that will amaze your sales funnel.

Do you use LinkedIn as a lead generation tool, to find and foster partnerships or to build professional relationships? Let us know how your LinkedIn works for you in the comments below. Or, follow us on LinkedIn.