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Thoughtful Thursday - What Do You Give In Value?

I have always found that books have the unique ability to open my mind to new concepts, inspire introspection, and even more than the rest create a lot of questions. Occasionally there are books that inspire me to look long and hard at my own...

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Thoughtful Thursday - Selflessness

Selflessness I have been challenged, inspired, and motivated over the past few weeks by the topic of selflessness. It started when I read the book The Go-Giver. It recounts a parable about a man who wants to win at all costs, and in his pursuit he learns that giving...

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Pivoting Digital Summit

Companies are dying every day because they do not have the customers and cashflow to stay alive in today's digital age. At the Pivoting Digital Summit you will get over $1,000,000 worth of digital marketing techniques and knowledge that you can use to evolve your...

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5 Marketing Tools Everyone Should Be Using!

Let’s be honest, 5 tools aren’t nearly enough to cover what marketing experts should be using. Seriously, a simple Google search nets 100’s of free and paid marketing tools in dozens of categories. Narrowing down the list can be a cumbersome and insignificant task....

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Military and Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is the foremost leader in online usage, there is no contention that Facebook is a smart advertising choice for anyone—including the military. But, the demographics of Facebook’s users are changing. It used to be said that FB had more online users than...

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What is a Bot and How Do I Escape Them?

Ad fraud could have wasted over a third of your marketing budget last year. A study by ANA consisting of over 1,300 campaigns and found the average cost in bot traffic was 10 million dollars per participant! But don’t abandon your Facebook and Google Adwords just yet....

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Why We Love Our Filmstrip For Advertising

The online ad experience leaves a lot to be desired. The majority of humans are fed up with advertisers. Why? Constant harassment and intrusion into your online experience! It annoys everyone with a pulse. We have to realize that online advertising pays for many...

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Fake It Till You Earn It (Part 3)

In the last installment we talked about the 5 reasons why we fake it. Today we are going to dive into the 4 Steps To Earning It. It is important to note that these four steps help differentiate between activity and productivity. Anyone can run one hundred miles per...

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