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Displaying the Banner Ad

Banner ads are everywhere, but do they still work?  If you're interested in the podcast on this topic, scroll to the bottom of this post. With the rise of social advertising and conversion conversations many people skip over the humble display banner ads as though...

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Is Buying Leads a Waste of Money?

There are a lot of vendors in the world trying to get people to buy their leads. This process is not new and is used a ton, especially in industries like insurance sales, real estate, and car sales. But the question is often asked whether it is a waste of money to buy...

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Face-Off: Instagram vs Facebook 2018

There have been debates since Facebook bought Instagram, and even before, about which platform is better and which should be the go to source to get more followers and ultimately more business. In the latest episode of Business Acumen, Joe and I discuss which is...

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Should Your Business Accept Bitcoin?

When considering Bitcoin as a method of payment for your customers, there are a few things worth considering. Things like security and ease of transaction are important, of course, and there are no doubts that Bitcoin is touted as one of the safest forms of payment on...

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Giving Advice Doesn't Work (for me)

Prefer to listen? Click the play button   “You know what you should do…" Have you ever heard that phrase from someone? I bet if you’re anything like me, you either listened to or rebuked those words depending on who it came from. That super successful friend that...

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Generating Leads Vs Proving ROI

In the latest episode of Business Acumen, Roy Browning and Joe Manns discuss the differences between generating leads and proving ROI to clients and which is harder. This question is inherently flawed however, because it’s like comparing Apples to fruit. An ROI...

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Is It Easier or Harder Advertising to Millennials?

Ah the buzz term “Millennials”. We’ve heard it, used it, maybe even cursed it, but the two questions we want to know: who are millennials today and is it easier or harder to advertise to them? And that answer may not be what you’re expecting. There is an inherent...

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What Is Business Acumen?

What is Business Acumen May 2018 By Roy Browning Business Acumen is a show where two great friends with equal and opposite skills, experience, and expertise share with viewers to help reach the summit of their abilities. We are all climbing mountains, each and every...

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Thoughtful Thursdays - Accountability Vs Blame

Have you ever walked into a meeting and been accused of dropping the ball or failing to complete a task which has caused issues for other people? Or maybe you’ve been the one who innocently asks a colleague why they didn’t get a task done? Or worse yet, the client...

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