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Video is a huge ‘player’ in the digital marketing arena (sorry for the pun). Most agencies can provide a pre-roll solution to give advertisement opportunities to those brands that want to capitalize on video’s impact. Not everyone can provide an interactive experience where multiple videos can be placed in ad units that have never been able to support video before. Not everyone can provide incredible engagement rates. And not everyone can talk about how the longer exposure to the brand before clicking any links works to create a more highly propensed individual who is more likely to stay on a page when they finally click a link than someone who just sees a banner ad.

But, before I dive into our specific product that uses interactive video in a different way than anyone else (that we know of at this moment) I want to talk a little about some of the interactive video tools that are out there.

Type Of Interactive Video

Many of us have seen those YouTube choose your own adventure videos where the developer cleverly puts a button over the video and asks you to choose which way you want to go. On the simplest side of this interaction it is merely a button that loads another video. If you pick button one it loads video one. If you pick button two it loads video two and so on. After you finish the next video you get to do it all over again. This is a great way to keep people engaged in the video and also gives you the ability to affect the outcome (which we know people enjoy).

On a more complex level videos can have banner ads pop up over the video, they can have ads surrounding the video and suggested videos after the video is over. They can even implement some of the rising stars of the IAB like the filmstrip, timesync, and extender. We have developed a new tool that takes interactive video in a different direction that you may find interesting and I have written about it below. If you don’t want to hear about it you can stop reading here, but if you are interested (which I’m sure you are if you are still reading this) then continue on to see how we put our spin on interactive video ads!

I can put my video where?

We are all accustomed to flash banner ads that give some effects that resemble movement on a web page. We may have even seen multiple banners at the top, side, and bottom of a page all advertising the same company. And where that does cause some to take notice it doesn’t mean a click is going to occur. We know that videos are very popular right now. video-closedWe know that people create and consume video content more and more each day. But what if we could place videos in ad spaces that never before held video? What if we could house and display multiple videos in one ad that engages a user for minutes rather than seconds? Would that be a value to anyone?

With our interactive video player we create a one of a kind experience for users. We place a small intro video into an ad unit that fits into just about any 300x250 ad space. The video gives a snippet of what’s to come and invites the user to mouseover or touch the see more button which expands the ad unit and gives a full video experience with sound and the ability to watch full screen. This ad is now engaging that user for the length of the video and at the same time, on the side of the player, it offers four more videos that the user can click on to watch.  Additionally, we can create an environment that has different tabs for different videos allowing more branding and description inside the ad player. And of course trackable links and social media links to keep the engagement going past the ad.

Engagement at a new level

interactive video player for adsWith our proprietary interactive video player we are engaging people at a new level. We have seen 65%+ engagement rates on average across all instances of our video player. And these engagements are not simply to expand the ad unit to see the additional videos either. This engagement has shown to last for over 2 minutes! With :30 to :60 second videos that means people are engaging this player through 2-4 videos before the click to learn more.

video-player-openNot everyone clicks to learn more from our video player, and that’s ok because the bounce rate on the landing pages (after our video player is used) is significantly lower. People don’t normally accidentally click the link nor are they confused about what they are looking at when they get to that landing page. After engaging for several minutes in the ad when they click the link they are ready to learn more about that brand.

I have used the word propensity, and if you don’t know what that means it is simple the likelihood that someone will buy or sign up for what you are offering. The higher propensity the more likely they are to take the next step. For instance, a young man who has seen his father drive a Chevy his whole life and has talked about how great Chevy’s are is more likely to consider a Chevy over another brand. (This is an example not a statistic.)

If you’d like to see our interactive video player in action or learn more about it, follow the link below. (We still work with other types of video advertising in great depth and are not suggesting that it’s our player or the highway. It’s just another twist on this ever changing road of advertising.)

JMC Brands Interactive Video Player