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Retargeting – Display ad that serves ads to users who have shown interest by visiting our website or search engines based on specific key words that place user in retargeting pool. This tactic can serve multiple impressions to the same person repeatedly. Limits can be set on times, locations, and amount of reoccurrences per device.

Filmstrip – An IAB approved ad unit. This ad unit is served as a regular banner ad that can be manually or auto expanded into a 4 panel landing media rich page. Slides can include videos, lead capture form, store or recruiter locator and social media exits.

Basic Display – The core of all of our digital display ads. This tactic serves targeted banner ads to users and support brand awareness and lead generation campaigns.

Premium Display – This tactic utilizes the superior trade desk distribution and reach as well as analytics through a more robust network that includes a 90% reach of available on line audience.

Social Communities – These display ads are served exclusively to social online communities outside of the major players, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This unique tool leverages social engagement, that you cannot reach through the major social sites, by delivering your message through blogs, forums, social-themed sites, and other community-based sites. If you’re running a ads on the major social sites, this tool is the perfect complement to your campaign!



Search Retargeting – Search Retargeting is a type of retargeting that will target an audience based on the previous searches of those individuals. Unlike site retargeting, search retargeting is designed to find new customers which have likely never been to a specific website. A display ad is shown if the user has previously searched for a keyword or keyword phrase that is being targeted by the client.

Interactive Video Ads – JMC Brands proprietary IVP tool serves video content in ad space on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. It provides an enhanced user experience with options to view additional videos or respond to a call to action. With up to 4 videos in one player, users can interact with this ad unit by clicking the banner ad and swiping through multiple sources of video content.

Mobile Interstitial – These ads are full screen mobile ads that cover the entire interface of their host app. They're typically displayed at natural transition points in the flow of an app, such as between activities or during the pause between levels in a game.

Mobile App Ads – Similar to mobile interstitial but do not takeover the entire screen. Instead, they are served as banner ads within mobile apps.




Responsive Ads – Creative no longer has to be developed for every site, every size, every device... With Responsive Ads, we gather the pieces of the ad unit and load it into our trade desk and the system automatically resizes the ad unit to match the placement. This gives far more versatility for ads across sites. It has all the targeting abilities of Basic Display but with creative that can fit almost any site or app. Multiple assets can be uploaded per asset type (for example, multiple headlines, logos, and images). The ads that we assemble automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit just about any available ad space. For example, a responsive display ad might show as a native banner ad on one site and a dynamic text ad on another.

Smart Stream – This cutting edge tactic targets prospects with Smart TVs and streaming services such as Amazon TV, Apple TV, Roku, Google TV, PlayStation and Xbox among others. SmartStream ads are non-skippable 30 second spots served with streaming video content with real time buying that allows you to control when your ads are served.

YouTube Pre-roll – A very popular way of distributing video advertisement. This tactic plays an often short advertisement before a YouTube video starts. It is highly recommended to use the skippable variation as it improves prospect satisfaction and the CPV-based reach.