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This last week was spectacular in terms of sky watching. Perseids meteor shower passed near the earth’s atmosphere which coupled with a clear night sky, warm summer night, and beverage of choice made the evening awesome. Of course, it came with those deep thoughts of existence and purpose. Looking at the vastness of the sky made me feel small, even insignificant in ways. As I carried those thoughts, I suddenly became aware of individual web pages trying to make themselves known on the world wide web.

Unlike me in the universe, your web page has a chance to make it big; it’s happened before. Companies like Apple, Facebook, BizChair, Voltage, and YouTube have all started as a simple idea and made it big-time. The trick was finding a niche, grabbing a corner of the web and owning it. Since then, other companies had made themselves known by grabbing on to other big companies and building off their corners. In either case, it’s just good to know that it is possible. But it all comes down to getting known—getting traffic.

Here are four spectacular ways to get your website seen now:

1)  Tell the search engines you exist

In some ways, this seems obvious (and simple). If you are using a WordPress site, this is as simple as clicking a box.


If you’re on your own, consider adding your site to Google’s index database (here). Don’t forget the details, like adding headings, content, indexing, and tags. It only makes sense that the more your web page has to offer search engines, the more readily available your site will be when searched. Think about it, you want your page to shine even if people aren’t looking for it. For example, if I ask Google to help me find the latest Gary Vee book, I don’t just get “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook”, I get Amazon, a LinkedIn article, a quotes web page by Forbes, and a book review (or 7). The idea is being found outside the normal search by being available across various platforms.

2)  Find new ways to apply old processes

One of the coolest tricks to get noticed fast is using a process everyone else is using but repurposing it. Several months ago the world was abuzz with mass shootings and terror activities in France, Germany, and The United States. Everyone I knew had a CNN, Fox News, or Huffington Post, breaking news app wanting to be the first to hear updates. Big names like Twitter jumped on the bandwagon and created an entire platform called Twitter Moments to gain more followers.


Your web page can do the same thing, but in your industry. Set your alerts to the names you follow, subscribe to web pages that have the newest blogs, and be the first to share up-to-the-minute stories that relate to your business or webpage. Go the extra step and write a quick summary or review. If you want your traffic to your web page, have content that’s gaining traffic.

3)  Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself

get more traffic to your websiteStarting small by boosting your Facebook page is ok. If you run analytics and find peak times, even better. But you don’t have to start there. Marketing is just as critical as the content. It really isn’t enough to have the best stuff in the world if the people looking for it need to go to the third or fourth page on a search engine to find it. According to Marianne Sweeny, Search Information Architect,

“Academic research indicates that 91% of searchers do not go past page 1 of the search results”

Don’t get me wrong, organic search engine optimization is the way to go, but to be afraid to help it grow. Think of it like gardening. You don’t throw your seeds in your grassy lawn just to get a handful of vegetables. You invest in your garden: rototill the ground, apply the best and most fertile soil, add a fence to keep out the wildlife. It costs a little more to do it right, but once it’s running, then you can optimize it for ease and convenience.

4)  Tell others you exist

You want your visitors to share how they like your site, right? So do other people. Go to other sites and say “HI!” Remember when you met that sales guy you really liked; he was personable, friendly and left an impression. If you want your site to flourish quickly, go tell everyone you know and don’t know—be that sales person. Don’t just share your web page (though don’t forget too, either). Introduce people to the personal side of your site. Yes, it takes a little longer and seems counterproductive to an article on gaining traffic quickly, but there is a speed aspect, too. You can see this yourself. What do you do when someone comments on your web page, or sends you an email, or stops in to say “Hi”? You go see who they are! And so will they.

getting more website traffic is easy

Gaining traffic quickly isn’t all about being the biggest. It may feel like your website is small and insignificant and it may seem as small as I do when I look up at the sky, but it too can have a significant impact. You can garner traffic by creating a niche or bringing someone else's niche to your page. You can do it on your own or you can supplement the work with a marketing agency. The really cool part of it all, is there are companies making it big by helping you get big. That, after all is how we got started. Can we help you with your growth? Let us know by just saying, "Hi!"