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3 Quick Ways to Raise CTR’s

how to raise CTR“How will you measure success?” “What are the indicators that will show us ROI?” “How will we know if the campaign is a success?” These are questions we get constantly, and rightly so. As marketers and partners we should be ready to help strategize what the best answers are for each campaign and for each client.  With that, one of the most common KPI’s (key performance indicators) is CTR (click though rate).

After the initial start of a campaign and when optimization begins, we start wondering how can we then raise the KPI’s to get higher performance for campaigns. When raising CTR’s there is no one answer; there is no one stop shop that can give a clear cut answer to increasing such a KPI (key performance indicator) because we monitor this measurement in many different tactics.

In general, raising a click through rate no matter what kind of campaign you are running can be summed up through 3 quick ways.

Optimize (Daily)

Optimization targetOne of the most important things behind a successful CTR is to optimize and to do it daily if possible. I understand that automation plays a huge role in what we do these days, but… it doesn’t have a front row seat (or shouldn’t) in the world of ad campaigns.

I have read articles that talk about not being able to optimize efficiently until a campaign has been running for 3 weeks. I do understand that 3 weeks is a great amount of time to be able to dive into analytics fully, but the optimization can begin after one day of a campaign running. This is where the CTR has a fighting to chance to raise and raise again. After 3 weeks you can go through all of the changes and monitor and such accordingly – but, don’t wait that long to make adjustments.

Optimizing is a great time to look over your different ad units, the content, any A/B testing, dayparting, your topics and interests, etc. to make sure it is all in line with the expectations that were set with the client as well as with how you anticipated performance to be.

Improve your Content

Take time to understand what the ad says, focus on the work. Does the content clearly define what you are trying to convey? Do the images fall in line with the message and did you clearly define the message in the planning stages? Although it may feel too late to add more to the creative/ad, it is not – you can even throw in another ad as a test.

CTR’s too low? Take a pause for a moment and ask yourself why, in some cases it can be as easy as this step. Re-assess everything that went into the ad creation – is everything where it should be and does anything need realigned? It is always possible to add more to this piece, maybe it is a call with the client and your creative team. The important part is that you don’t dismiss this as a possibility, this could be a quick way to raise your CTR.

quick ways to raise CTR

Understanding your audience can help improve your click through rate

Understand your Audience

Knowing who you are trying to reach is important when trying for a high CTR. This step can start way before the campaign is in market, it continues through the campaign and it gives the ability to learn more about them in the analytics later.

There is a huge benefit to knowing your audience and just like public speaking; “You want to be able to figuratively step inside the minds of audience members to understand the world from their perspective. Through this process you can find common ground with your audience, which allows you to align your message with what the audience already knows or believes.”

CTR’s are Not Alone

In the end, click through rates are not the only key performance indicator and they are not going to give a full return on investment viewpoint. They are one piece to an ever changing plethora of metrics that one can view inside of an ad campaign. When we start bringing to light all of the different ad campaigns that use CTR as a performing metric we see that there are more in depth ways of raising this.

We would love to hear your ways of raising CTR’s in all sort of campaigns; engage with us on Facebook or leave a comment here to continue the conversation.