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10 ppt writing tipsIts late afternoon on Monday and your boss wants a presentation prepared and on his desk for a client by Tuesday morning. You learn it has to include product info, pictures, prices, and it has to look really, really good.  Did I mention, it has to look really good?

What do you do?

First, panic - as any other normal employee would do. Second, coffee - how else are you going to mentally prepare for the long evening ahead. Third, call your person and tell them you’re going to be late getting home and there’s cereal in the cupboard for dinner.

HOLD UP! Wait a minute.

This isn’t going to take you all night, your person doesn’t have to eat cereal for dinner and your boss will have his presentation before morning. All you have to do is fire up PowerPoint and get to it.

Here’s a few tips, along with your coffee, to get you through the evening by creating an incredible presentation that will satisfy your boss and win the client's business.


10 Powerpoint Presentation Tips

1. Decide on a simple, yet branded design that says ‘look at me, I’m cool’ without being too flashy or unprofessional. Less is more in this case. Consider using your company logo and compliment it with company branded colored shapes across or down the pages.

2. Create a master slide for your design. This is important for multiple reasons. The master slide keeps you from having to redesign each slide, copy and paste from other slides or have text or image placement issues from slide to slide.

3. Don’t use clipart. It’s cheesy and it screams ‘look at me, I’m not cool.’ See number 1.10 tips for powerpoint presentations

4. Keep each piece of information on separate slides to remain simple and concise. Don’t write about every little detail, the presenter of the slides will discuss these points in greater detail.  

5. Make sure the flow of each slide is visually and contextually appealing. Not too busy, not too sparse. Your text of information should not run over onto the next slide and you don’t want to bore your viewer by making them read a whole lot.

6. To group or not to group...that is a question. You may notice that OCD takes over once you’ve created all of your slides and you begin to tap tap move, or click hold slide on any of the text or image boxes. Moving some or all of these boxes may create more work than you anticipated because things can get unaligned. When you’ve placed content where you want it, group it with the other items so they stay together. This will alleviate any chance for visual issues when you completely finished.

7. Don’t get too caught up on each slide at a time. Instead figure out how many pages you are going to need and get the blank slates ready for your information. This will help with seeing the presentation come together and avoid any chance of an oopsy later.

8. It’s probably a good idea not to use the transitions or fancy slide shows that some people are drawn to using. It causes a delay in the presentation and can get in the way of the information being presented.

powerpoint presentation tips SAVE OFTEN

9. SAVE...OFTEN!!! That’s all I have to say about that.

10. And the tenth tip I have is to go with your gut instinct and put your personality into it. There’s no right or wrong way to create a presentation. As long as the important information is there, your audience will be pleased with your work.

So, I know a 25 year old guy who is very unfamiliar with how to send mail, write checks, or use a stamp--a postage stamp. But he can throw together one hellava great power point slide.


Are there more tips for creating a PowerPoint presentation; comment below; we would love to read them.