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Each day you spend a lot of time at your desk.  Have you ever been at your desk and not have something that you need? Here are 10 things that you should have to help you get through the day...

business card desk holder1.  Business Card Holder: When someone asks you for a business card you want to make sure that you have your Business Cards where you can find them.  You don’t want to be searching through desk drawers or other places to find one.  Having a Business Card Holder makes it easy to put your cards on your desk.



pen and notepad desk2.  Pens/Pencils/Notebook: You should always have a pen and /or pencil at your desk along with a notebook. If you have a meeting and need to take notes or need to write something down it would be nice to have those already at your desk.  I know I am always writing things down.



water bottles for office3.  Bottle of Water:  You need to stay hydrated during the day.  If you are busy you may forget to drink so having a bottle of water at your desk will remind you to drink.


headphones for work office4.  Headphones:  If you need to get something done and there are distractions around you it could be really hard to work. Putting headphones on is a great way to concentrate on what you are working on and block out the sound around you.

5.  Tissues and Hand Sanitizer:  Tissues are a good thing to have at your desk.  If you have to sneeze and a tissue isn’t at your desk then there is a good chance you will sneeze in your hand,  then you would have to get up and wash your hands.  Keeping hand sanitizer at your desk is also helpful to help keep your hands clean.

gum mints for work6.  Gum/Mints:  Keeping gum or mints at your desk can come in handy. What if you had onions for lunch and had a meeting or a client coming in right after? Would you want to meet with the client or go into a meeting with onion breath?  I know I wouldn’t.  If you had these items at your desk then you could freshen your breath.

first aid for offices7.  First Aid Kit: Having a first aid kit at your desk would make it easier to have things at your fingertips if something were to happen..  You could get a nasty paper cut that doesn’t stop bleeding;  having a band aid at your desk would be helpful.  What if you got a headache and didn’t have anything? With a first aid kit you would have the medicine right there, ready if you or someone else needed it.

cell phone charger8.  Cell Phone Charger:  Do you use your cell phone for business calls? If you use it a lot you could drain your battery and not make it to the end of the day before it has to be charged.  Be prepared and keep a cell phone charger in your desk drawer and it will be a lifesaver if your phone needs charged.



sweater and jacket for office9.  Jacket/Sweater:  A sweater or jacket at your desk would be helpful in the summer when the AC is on, it could get chilly in the office or maybe you are like me and are cold all the time.


stress ball for your desk10.  Stress Ball
  Have you ever had a stressful day? Have you ever wanted to relieve stress and couldn’t? A good way to relieve stress is having a stress ball. It can help you release tension and  relax.




Before starting my research I thought I would find things like pens, notebook, stapler, paper clips, scissors, etc.  After researching I found that was not the case. Is there something you have to have at your desk that is not listed? Let us know in the comments below.